Purpose and technical features of this loader crane model

This grapple is designed to operate primarily in the agricultural enterprises: both small and large. With its help, it is possible to perform unloading and loading operations of fertilizers, seed materials, grain crops and other crops in bags of Big Bag type, and within repair and construction activities to transfer bulk construction materials also in bags of Big Bag type. The loader crane can work only in coupling with the tractor trailer. Also, this grapple can be used in repair work with machinery and equipment for agricultural purposes.

Differences of the DL Agro loader crane

We can mark the important points which characterize the DL Agro grapple:

Кран-манипулятор на трактор МТЗ (гидроманипулятор)
  • Competitive price – analogues with similar technical characteristics and quality level are much more expensive!
  • High reliability, easy operation.
  • The boom maneuverability, accuracy in the movement of goods.
  • The ability to quickly attach the tractor to the load carrier of the grapple.
  • Low maintenance costs.


The loader crane is designed for mounting to tractors of domestic manufacturers – KhTZ, Yuzhmash, MTZ, but it is possible to attach to the similar imported models. Connection is due to the standard hydraulic system, which is equipped with a tractor.

It is not required to additionally register this mechanism in the technical inspection authorities.

A brief video tutorial on working with a tractor loader crane.

Video of the manipulator working as part of a chipper complex

Video of the Manipulator loading Big Bags


Parameter Value
Maximum boom reach, m 5,5
Load capacity at 1m, kg 3000
Load сapacity at max. reach, kg 1300
Max. height of the boom, m 6,7
Mounting type 3 point system
Min. pump capacity, l/min 40
Operating pressure, bar 160
Outriggers hydraulic
Possibility of trailer hauling 2ПТС-4 and analogues
Boom angle of rotation, deg 160
Unit weight, kg 1045
Pilot operated check valves, pcs 6
5 section control valve, pcs 1
Working element Hook
Button for audio signal +
Inclinometer/Circular level +


Load capacity scheme

Схема грузоподъемности крана для трактора DL Agro

Hinged load-lifting basket is an addition to the loader crane

The additional hinged attachment to the DL Agro grapple includes an upgraded load-lifting basket (ULLB). It can be used in all cases when it is necessary to lift one person or a certain load demanding protection by bumpers. It is possible to carry out garden works with its help, for example, tree pruning, it is possible to perform facade or electrical work.

The basket installation is performed with the pin available in the configuration of this device. The basket is equipped with a cylinder – vibration damper, as well as manual mechanical fixation. You can quickly attach it to the crane, and the mount is very reliable!

Technical characteristics of the load-lifting basket

Parameter Value
Dimensions of the device (HWL), mm 1120х1235х815
Lifting height, m 6,5
Load capacity, kg 300
Turning radius, deg 160
Vibration damper, pcs 1
Weight, kg 108

Корзина для высотных работ Корзина для КМУ

DL Agro grapple price and warranty service after purchase

  • The retail price of the DL Agro model loader crane is 182 000 грн, VAT included
  • the cost of hinged basket to the crane – 30 000 грн, VAT included

Service maintenance

The DLight company provides a full service package for customers of the DL Agro loader crane:

  • inspection and repair during the warranty period and after the warranty period, if necessary on the territory of the client;
  • urgent departure of service staff in case of accidents;
  • constant spare parts and components availability for this model of crane.

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