DL Agromaster is a new model of tractor semi-trailer with DL Agro loader crane of own production

The DLAGROMASTER aggregates with all brands of tractors traction class 1.4, 2 (3) diesel engine power 81-148 l/c, 62-109 kWt. Operating conditions of the Manipulator: oil flow (5-) 40 (+20) l/min; idling diesel engine 1000 prm. The advantages
• Outriggers with hydraulic extension and Inclinometer assure precise positon on the location.
• Check valves, caution signal, danger labels and signs are in accordance with safety requirements.
• Genuine spare parts, simple and reliable design, reduced repair cost.
• Powder coating for anti-corrosion protection which guarantees long-term usage.
• Ease of performance, smooth and precise motion due to high reliable cylinders.
• Company technical assistance and competitive price.
• Dump trailer with 3 side unloading and grapple bucket for bulk material.
• Range of accessories: hook, log lifter. Fork Grapple with rotator (GR 30) (dimensions in transport conditions 950×755 mm, weight 200 kg, load lifting capacity 1000 kg)
• The crane with 1 hydraulic extension and second boom with negative angle in order to enlarge working area.
• The crane can be uninstalled and trailer can be used alone.
• The D LIGHT in-house Design Bureau implements at your order hydraulic brakes, electric system 24 V, adjustable drawbar ring and etc. to fit the main type of tractor used in your country region.

1. Semi-trailer overall dimensions and technical specifications:

Semi-trailer DL AGROMaster
Semi-Trailer Specifications DL AGROMaster
Total design mass, kg 13 000
Permissible load, kg, not more than

– hitch unit

– front axle

– rear axle
1 000

6 000

6 000
Load-carrying capacity, kg, not less than 10 000
Standard wheels 400/60-15.5
Braking system Pneumatic
Прицепное кольцо Ø 50
Tandem-axle semi-trailer, spring-mounted +
Tipper body overall dimensions, LхBхH, mm 4677х2418х600
Big Bag platform overall dimensions, LхBхH, mm 4435х2535х760
Semi-trailer overall dimensions, LхBхH, mm 6360х2535х3550
Platform height, mm 1 020
Three-way tipper Option

2. DL Agro loader crane specifications:

Work pressure, bar 160-180
Hydraulic outriggers +
Crane boom slewing angle 160
Hydraulic locks 7
8-sectional hydraulic control valve +
Drive from standard tractor hydraulics +
Minimum pump capacity, l/min 40
Transportation height, m 3,55
Maximum boom reach, m 5,65
Lifting capacity with maximum reach, kg 1 000
Lifting capacity with minimum reach, kg 1 750
Lifting torque, kNm 40
Hook height, m 8,3

3.Variants of loader crane removable work tools:

Rotator Bucket grab Hay grapple Forest grab

4. Appearance of DL AGROMaster semi-trailer with loader crane:

The DLAGROMASTER is manufactured at ISO 9001: 2015 certified production facilities. High-quality steel and hydraulic components from world manufacturers are used for its production. The manipulator boom and column parts are made of profile steel category S355 (EB 10219) and powder coated by an automated paint line. The trailer axel`s profile parts are coated with a two-component chemically hardened paint. At our plant all our products go through quality stress tests.
The D LIGHT LLC warranty for the DL Agro Manipulator is 12 months. Warranty conditions begin on the date the adjustment finishes by the your company service center and last the 1 year. All cargo information and the accompanying technical documents are applied to a shipping package.